16 Easy And Cheap DIYs To Make Any Home A Better Place

It is nice to be able to fill our homes with trendy and chic decor, but sometimes our wallets have other plans — at least mine does. Stupid, pesky bills always getting in the way. It is hard being an adult. At least I have one thing that can help me out with this — DIY. I have gotten pretty good at DIYing the things I can’t afford. Sure, they may not be as high end as the items you could get at a decor store, but I get the privilege and honor to sit back and say, “hey, I made that.”Take a look at this list of easy and cheap DIYs you can make too!

1. Toilet Paper Roll Art

Start saving your toilet paper rolls so that you can make this!

2. Easy DIY Cotton Stems

You can easily create your own Farmhouse style decor on a budget. These DIY cotton stems are both cheap and easy to make.

3. Flower Wall Hanging

This wall hanging is actually made from old egg cartons. Crazy, right? You can easily make one, too!

4. DIY Tiered Stand

You can make a tiered stand out of dishes from the dollar store. Grab some pretty spray paint and it will look just like the expensive ones.

5. Easy Chalkboards

Turn old pieces of art into trendy chalkboards. A little bit of chalkboard paint can go a long way.

6. Lace Lamp

This seems like an intricate project but it is actually quite easy. It is just like doing papier–mâché, but with a doily instead of newspaper.

7. Trendy Pears

These pears are actually made from old light bulbs. Wrap an old light bulb with twine rope and you can easily make these, too. These look like something you would find at Anthropologie, but for a fraction of the price.

8. Clothespin Planter

You can upcycle an old tuna can and some clothespins into a chic planter. This DIY hardly costs anything to make. You can even get clothespins at most dollar stores.

9. Light Bulb Vase

Before you toss a burnt out light bulb, you should try your hand at making a cool light bulb vase.

10. Cutlery Holder

Make a cute cutlery holder out of old tin cans. This would be great for backyard BBQs in the summer.

11. Chic Rope Basket

Don’t waste your money on expensive rope baskets from high end decor stores when you can easilyturn a cardboard box into one. This is so easy to do and will save you a bunch of money, too.

12. Thumbtack Art

Have some fun and make your own art at the same time. Thumbtack art is a cheap and easy way to give your house some personalized decor.

13. Dry-Erase Board

You can make this dry-erase board in five minutes. All you need is a picture frame and a pretty piece of scrapbooking paper. This is much prettier than those plain white ones.

14. Map Magnets

Get rid of those boring magnets on your fridge. You know the ones I am talking about, those cheap marketing magnets that companies hand out for free. Replace them with these cool map magnets. Easy to make and you can highlight your favorite places in the world.

15. Soup Can Flower Vases

Upcycle an old soup can into a chic vase. All you need is a bit of pretty paper, some glue, and a soup can, of course.

16. Grocery Bag Holder

Turn a cute tote bag into a grocery bag holder. If you are handy with a sewing machine or even just a needle and thread this will be so easy for you to do!

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