Stunning Structures Around The World

Our lives are full of necessary structures, from basic furniture to the buildings we live and work in. But outside of these basic structures — and sometimes, within them — there’s uniqueness and creativity that helps them stand out.

1. Thorncrown Chapel, Arkansas

This beautiful chapel, designed by architect Maurice Jennings, perfectly blends into its forest setting.1. Thorncrown Chapel, Arkansas

2. Polygone Riviera, France

This ominous building is actually part of a high-end shopping complex along the French Riviera.

3. El Palau, Spain

Spanish architect Lluís Domènech i Montaner created this mindbending glass structure that curves downward into the room below.

4. Colorful house, India.

The architect was given free rein to create something beautiful, and their creativity shows. At night, this building becomes a colorful LED light show.

5. Fallingwater, Pennsylvania

Here’s another structure, this one a house, that complements its natural setting.

6. National Art Center, Japan

This exhibit by Emmanuel Lemoureaux is called ‘Forest of Numbers’.

7. The Interface, Singapore

It looks like something from SimCity, but this is a real residential complex in Singapore. It consists of 31 interlaced apartment blocks and eight large courtyards.

8. OCAD University, Canada

The Ontario College of Art and Design ought to have a distinctive building, and it does. This building, known as the ‘Tabletop’, towers above the streets of downtown Toronto.

9. ‘Cairn’ rock sculpture, Nevada

This piece by artist Celeste Roberge is on display at the Nevada Museum of Art.

10. House on the Cliff, Spain

Architect Gil Bartolomé designed this house, which looks like an anguished face on the outside but is probably pretty awesome on the inside.

11. Elevated bike path, Denmark

They take their biking very seriously in Copenhagen, as this awesome bike-only right-of-way shows.

12. As a bonus, here’s a structure that’s not of our world…

Chad Knight is a 3D designer who specializes in stunningly lifelike concept art.


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