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8 Crochet Creations With cute tiny Faces

Here are some of the cutest crochet I found with cute tiny faces. Take a look and let me know what you think! Share this article with someone who loves to crochet!1. The perfect pear.

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Hairstyles To Get Based On Your Zodiac Sign

If it’s time to change up your look! What better way to decide on a haircut than to get one based on your zodiac sign? Should you let it grow or get an undercut? Learn what haircut you should get based off your zodiac sign right here!

1. Aquarius

Creativity is a huge part of an Aquarius’ life, whether it be painting, writing, or day dreaming. Whatever it is you’re doing, your creativity is shining through. Aquariuses also like a sense of freedom, which explains how adventurous they are. This short, layered, and wispy haircut is perfect for anybody who has this zodiac sign! It’s a beautiful haircut, and it’s easy to maintain, as well. You can change up the look all the time by either curling it or straightening it. The layers give it a beautiful, carefree look!

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Koh Rong Samloem , Cambodia – Great Island Resort

Looking for island vacation destination?

Consider Koh Rong Samloem in Cambodia.

The clean beaches of the smaller island suffer substantially less of the noise and light pollution that has become a problem on the sister island due to the extensive construction work as well as the all-night bars and party music that blasts out to attract the budget travelers dancing through the night

Koh rong samloem resort
There are many resort, Bungalow, Guest house follwing your preference.


Koh rong samloem Arial View
Koh rong samloem Arial View

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Here’s What Actually Happens To Your Skin When You Get A Tattoo


Tattoos are beautiful works of art. While some may not see it that way, when you consider the time and energy that goes into a tattoo, it really is a permanent piece of artwork. Tattoos have been around for many centuries in cultures all over the world, and can be created in a variety of art forms and art styles.I’ve always wondered about how tattoos actually work, and whether or not they really do hurt. When I see a particularly intricate tattoo piece, I always wonder how long it took, and how much it hurt.
Tattooing is a really interesting process. They use between five and seven needles, depending on what part of the tattoo the artist is doing. For lines, usually five needles are used, and for shading, seven needles are used.The tattoo is actually injected in between layers of skin—that is what makes it permanent. When you write on your skin with a marker, it only goes on the epidermis, which is the very top layer of skin. This top layer of skin rejuvenates itself often, and you shed layers of dead skin—70-80 percent of dust is dead skin.
That’s what makes the tattoo permanent—the ink is injected into your dermis, where it will stay.Different areas of your body are going to be more painful when you get a tattoo. Areas with less fat tend to be more painful: for example, the top of your foot, your inner forearm, your rib cage. These areas have little fat protecting the veins and muscles.Since tattoos are put into your skin, they require aftercare that is very important to their healing. You should treat your fresh tattoo like an open wound, cleaning it gently with clean hands and keeping it dry.

16 Easy And Cheap DIYs To Make Any Home A Better Place

It is nice to be able to fill our homes with trendy and chic decor, but sometimes our wallets have other plans — at least mine does. Stupid, pesky bills always getting in the way. It is hard being an adult. At least I have one thing that can help me out with this — DIY. I have gotten pretty good at DIYing the things I can’t afford. Sure, they may not be as high end as the items you could get at a decor store, but I get the privilege and honor to sit back and say, “hey, I made that.”Take a look at this list of easy and cheap DIYs you can make too!

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